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Jakob Højgård

Lead Developer

Im an experienced iOS App developer and graphic designer working professionally in this area for more that 15 years. With a high focus on user experience(UX). I have expert experience with integration of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Audio Streaming services, push notifications and the Made for iPhone program (MFi) I have more than 6 years of experience which includes 5+ years of experience working with Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa service frameworks. • Proficient in working with iOS frameworks, which includes CoreData, Foundation, CoreLocation, AV Foundation, MapKit, Push notifications and StoreKit. • Solid knowledge in working with Xcode, iPhone SDK, Interface Builder, Simulator, Storyboards, Git, SVN. • Extensive knowledge with design patterns such as Delegates, MVC design architecture, Singleton, Notification, Protocols and Categories.



  • 2000-present

    Development certificates

    Continuous attenting courses in design and devlopment. Especially in the area of mobile apps.

  • 2000-2003

    Art Director


    Seminariet for formgivning  


  • Sep 16 - Dec 18

    Byrd Aps

    Lead mobile developer

    My role is lead developer on Byrds iOS application. ● SWIFT ● Interaction with Firebase ● 3rd. party SDK integration ● Continuous integration ● REST API integration ● xCode project management ● GIT service for version control ● Medadata handling ● AV Foundation ● Automated testing

  • Current

    UI Aps


    Current projects: - iOS consultant at: DR (Danish national television) - iOS BLE/ iOT integrations - iOS App development for DSB Audio recording artist and engineer Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark Working on various projects as a audio recording engineer, both educational and as an artist

  • Mar 17 - Present

    Danmarks radio

    Mobile Developer

    iOS development with a high focus on stability, mobility and delivering the best tv-streaming app for DR.   ● Swift development ● Kotlin development ● Apple developer maintenance ● App project planning for both platforms ● REST and JSON API integration with app ● GIT source control ● 3rd. party SDK integration ● Automated test ● Continuous integration 1# Development of new app from scratch for DR Ultra. The app include articles and TV-streaming. Implementation of 3rd. party SDK's and frameworks. Focus on stability and flexibility. The work included both an iOS and an Android mobile application. 2# iOS development with a high focus on stability, mobility and delivering the best tv-streaming app for DR. The work is primarily on updating and implementing new services, updating 3rd. party SDK's and functionalities.


This is some of my design af development skills.

  • CSS
  • HTML



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