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By Jakob H. Olsen | August 5, 2015 | 0 Comment

I’ll post relevant links, hope you’ll find them useful: Article on the importance of two ears: http://www.atresiarepair.com/education-single-sided-hearing-loss.html European Microtia and Atresia group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/544526898947447/

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All about the sound…

By Jakob H. Olsen | | 0 Comment

It’s been a while since my last post. That’s mainly because I’ve been extremely busy with two kids and a new job as iOS Developer. Right side sound processing: I think my right side hearing has reached it’s max and my head is slowly getting used to sounds coming directly from the right. It’s clear […]

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New audiogram shows improvements

By Jakob H. Olsen | April 16, 2015 | 0 Comment

I got the opportunity to get a new audiogram done today. It revealed some improvements but also some areas where the last test where better. The doctor cleaned my ear and found a little unhealed spot on the eardrum that he treated, which could be some of the cause for the diversity in the audiograms. […]

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Microtia conference in the Netherlands

By Jakob H. Olsen | April 14, 2015 | 0 Comment

Im very excited as I’m going to the Microtia conference in the Netherlands this weekend. Where I will get a chance to speak with dr. Roberson and show him my progress. I will also be holding a shot presentation about my experience with Microtia and Atresia. And off cause the surgeries. I’m really looking forward to […]

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Nice Audiogram, Doctors check and more…

By Jakob H. Olsen | March 15, 2015 | 0 Comment

I’ve been meaning to write an update sooner but I wanted to get the appointment with the ENT done before making this update in order to give you the full picture of what has happened so far. And don’t worry everything is fantastic.   Meeting with local doctor I started out with a visit to […]

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Home and getting used to all the familiar sounds

By Jakob H. Olsen | February 28, 2015 | 0 Comment

I got home to Denmark all right – It is nice to be back with my family after 3 weeks away. My hearing as improved alot since my last check with Dr. Roberson. The hearing is still lower than on my left ear and that’s okay. The sounds on the two ears is also different – but […]

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Check out dr. Roberson

By Jakob H. Olsen | February 6, 2015 | 0 Comment

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Day 17 – Last check with the doctors

By Jakob H. Olsen | January 22, 2015 | 3 Comment

I met with dr. Roberson and he did a check of my ear and cleaned out what’s been leftover from the healing, that opened op the hearing some more, fantastic and joyful. He then made the mold that I need to wear every night for 4 month. It’s made from a two component rubber kind […]

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Day 16 – Last day in SF

By Jakob H. Olsen | | 0 Comment

So today was my last whole day in San Francisco, the weather has been fantastic all day with a nice blue sky. I decided to visit the Colt Tower on telegraph hill. It’s actually only a few 100 meters from the apartment, BUT it was up hill, very up hill. It was super nice walk […]

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Day 15 – check in with dr. Roberson

By Jakob H. Olsen | January 21, 2015 | 0 Comment

I met with the Dr. Roberson and hos staff today and he took out the last part of the packing that was protecting the healing ear drum. It really opened up the sound impressions. When I put a finger in my left ear my right ear sounds just lower in level(dB) than the left. A […]

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