Day 12 – 13 Weekend

Weekends is all about relaxing and having fun, so thats what I’m going to do. And when being in San Francisco you got to see the city and so I did – while trying to relax too. I went for a ride with the Cable cars from the Piers to Marked Street and Union Square, great experience. Then I went shopping in the neighborhood streets and China Town, nice areas with a lot of great and fun shops especially in China Town. I ended up at a nice restaurant in north beach having spicy chicken wings. -very spicy but also very good. After that I ran into a club with musicians from Berkey playing al kinds of great tunes. Very nice people very nice music and my ears where happy too.

Hearing on my right side is okay but it changes from day to day I think. It’s properly just how it is and I’m not worried at all. I keep putting my self in situations where I need to use my right ear for understanding or navigation and I think that works out pretty great. The direction/ radar sense has already improved a lot and is a big help when in trafic or noisy places. I get tired quite quickly these days, but I’m happy and playfully about these new experiences.

It so great.

IMG_0839 IMG_5060 IMG_0872 IMG_0874

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m a mom of a 5 month old boy who has Microtia Atresia of the right ear. It makes my heart fill with hope as I read how you were able to hear as the dr took out more of the packing. Amazing! Enjoy your stay in San Francisco and safe travels back home to your family.

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